Type of Industrial Properties

There are many different types of users for industrial properties, and there are different types of structures associated with them, so it is important to familiarize yourself with each one to know what kind of tenants occupy each type of property.

Industrial Land

Industrial land is fairly straight forward in it’s basic definition whereas it is land that is zoned industrially, but does not have any permanent structure on its premises.

A site like this doesn’t always have to have a building on its grounds in order for an industrial business to operate. The land may be used for purposes such as parking equipment, storing gravel or mulch, or any other surface operation.

Investing in industrial land also gives you the opportunity of building from the ground up. Vacancy rates in the Industrial sector of commercial real estate have been historically low, so building a structure on your industrial site carries a much lower risk of having long-term vacancies than that of other commercial real estate developments.

Owning a piece of industrial land also gives an investor the option of advertising a build to suit type opportunity where the landowner pays the upfront construction costs of a build that meets the tenant’s specific requirements, and then leases the space to the tenant upon the project’s completion.

If you own industrial land there are a couple of good routes you can take in order to gain the most from your development. When developing anything, it is always important to assess where your market’s local demand lies.

Industrial Warehouse

Bulk, Flex, Manufacturing, Assembly, Storage, Showroom, Research and Development are just some of the many different types of warehouse that the warehouse industry holds. 

With the vast differences in impact, need, and facility type, industrial warehouse can be difficult to navigate. Find a professional who knows the ins and outs before deciding to invest in this as a passive income strategy. 

As a company looking to expand operations, our team of industrial experts can help you find the best space for you. 

Research And Development

Research and Development sites like other categories of industrial real estate are able to accommodate a large variety of users. These sites may sometimes fall under the flex space category as they can be any hybrid combination of office, warehouse, and manufacturing space.

Typically users are in fields like electronics, biotechnology, chemicals, or drug development but can be utilized by anyone who is researching new products or sciences.

Some of these properties are highly specialized to fit the needs of specific users with custom plumbing, ventilation, and electrical layouts.

Oftentimes these types of buildings are located in industrial parks or on campuses that contain other similar operations.